Dan + Shay Build Love for Madeline and Brandon

Wedding Reception Gig Sounds Good to Newlyweds

When Madeline Roberts and Brandon Bateman planned their big wedding on Saturday night (May 6) in Orlando, Florida, I’m sure they had some ideas for the song for their first dance.

But they didn’t have any idea who’d be there to perform it.

The bride’s parents were able to orchestrate a grand romantic gesture by having Dan + Shay surprise the newlyweds — both Mr. and Mrs. are big fans of the country duo — and keep the surprise a secret until the moment Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney walked into the reception.

That moment was captured on their Instagram story. “We’re here in Florida, and we are surprising a fan at her wedding by singing ’From the Ground Up’ for her first dance song. It’s gonna be so much fun,” Smyers said. And after walking in and grabbing the microphone, he added, “We’re glad to be part of you guys’ special day.”

After the shock and the tears and the hugs, the band played “From the Ground Up,” which is about as perfect as a wedding song can get.

In Facebook videos, you can see Dan + Shay also performing Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me,” their new song “How Not To,” and a few more songs before they left.

For the guests who may not have known who Dan + Shay were, Smyers explained the duo this way: “We make country music, but we have hair like we’re in the Backstreet Boys.”

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