Faith Hill: Arrows Are Headed Everywhere

The Logistics of a Nearly Empty Nest

I feel you, Faith Hill.

I am in the exact same position that Hill and her husband Tim McGraw are in: Two kids have moved out, and only one is still at home.

But just because the nest is 2/3 empty, there are still family logistics to handle. I know it, and Hill knows it.

“I have always really, really, loved working with Tim,” Hill said in a recent radio interview about touring with McGraw. “Just, logistically as the mom that puts the schedule together for the family, it just made it so much easier.”

But what she’s coping with now — both at home and on the road — is that not everyone calls their house in Nashville home.

“Now with arrows going a million different directions and kids growing up, it becomes more difficult,” she said, “and I like all my chickens in one basket. But that has changed.”

For example, on their current Soul2Soul tour, she explained, they won’t have all three kids on the bus.

“They’ll be coming in and out to see us, occasionally, but for me, I think about it more from the practical standpoint of actually really making the logistics happen for our family.

“To still be together and thrive and function,” she said.

No matter who is there, though, the Soul2Soul tour will thrive and function when it picks back up on Thursday (May 18) in Montana.

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