Cam Explains All the Yellow

Signature Color Is Her Sunshine

It’s rare to find Cam wearing anything other than yellow. It has become the “Burning House” singer’s signature since her debut album was released in 2015.

And she recently explained her thinking behind it.

“Yellow is just a positive, friendly color,” she said in a Q&A with “I find that I feel happier and am in a better mood when I’m wearing yellow, but also that people are nicer to me when I’m wearing yellow, so I’m just drawn to it.

“Also, I’m from California, so yellow for me is like me getting to have a little bit of my California sunshine wherever I am.”

She also admitted she wants to get that California feel from the home she shares with her new husband Adam.

“I really wanted to incorporate pieces of California into the design, since my husband and I are both from there and we were married there,” she said. “Being on the road so much, it just feels so great to go home and have a space where I can unwind and relax. I spend so much time on airplanes or on the bus with multiple other people, so I love coming home to just my husband and our dogs. It helps me recharge for the road again.”

When the conversation turned to music, Cam shared a few of her recent influences. And not all of them are country.

“I kind of get inspiration all over the place. I’m really inspired by artists that try to progress their genre, like Kendrick Lamar, Sturgill Simpson, Blake Mills and Bon Iver,” she said. “Also, I love me some Haim!”

But country is still her first love, because of the lyrics and the storytelling.

“I love being able to tell a story and express emotions in songs,” Cam said, “and there’s just so much of that in country music.”