Will Brad Paisley Be Your Best Last?

His Contest Has High School Seniors Vying for Concert

If you’re part of the class of 2017, you’re already halfway there.

In Brad Paisley’s Last Time for Everything contest, he’s asking high school seniors — the class of 2017 — to send in their bests “lasts” via Instagram and Twitter. All you have to do it use the hashtag #BPGrad17Contest so he can find the posts. Then Paisley himself will choose the winner, who will get to host a concert for the entire senior class.

“The heart of the song ’Last Time for Everything’ for me is, the senior year of high school,” Paisley said in a recent radio interview. “When you’re saying goodbye to an entire group of people that you’ve been on a journey with for years. Life if full of those moments, but the thing about high school is you realize things are changing.

“And this time of year as kids throw their caps in the air, and they wear those gowns, and they march up on a stage and get their diploma. There’s nothing that illustrates this song better.

“You’re never going to forget these days in your life. This is the gateway to great things in your life, but it’s also the closing of a chapter.”

The contest runs from now through May 25