How Sam Hunt’s Left Hand Adds Height

New Wedding Band Makes Him Feel Taller

Sam Hunt was already about 6’3″ when he married Hannah Lee Fowler a month ago. But now, somehow, it sounds like he might have grown a little.

On the red carpet before the Billboard Music Awards, Hunt stopped to catch up with E! News, and he showed off his new wedding band.

“It feels great — there’s a spiritual strength to it,” Hunt said of the new ring on his left hand, “and I feel a little bit taller now that I’m wearing it.”

He also talked about throwing Fowler into the deep end of awards shows, which was his intention at the Academy of Country Music Awards show in April. It was during his performance of his hit “Body Like a Back Road” that he came down to her seat in the audience to sing to her.

“I told her that I might come down and sing to her; I don’t think she knew I was going to plop down next to her. I had to nudge her over; she didn’t want to scoot over! She finally did. It was her first time to an awards show like that, and this is her second one, so I just wanted to throw her into the deep end,” he laughed.

The BBMA red carpet interview didn’t last long — because Hunt admitted that when he’s not playing music he is not as outgoing — but it was good to see him opening up about his personal life, even just a little.

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