Jason Aldean Salutes Farmers in New Single

“Those Are Some of the Hardest-Working People in the Country”

Jason Aldean’s new single “They Don’t Know” is the latest in a long line of his rural anthems. And nobody does those songs better.

This one is a farmer’s take on any outsiders’ narrow-minded assumptions about the town, the life, and the back-breaking work. Among the lyrics:

“They ain’t seen the blood, sweat and tears it took to live their dreams when everything’s on the line/Ain’t just another field, just another farm/No, it’s the ground we grew up on/They think it’s a middle-of-nowhere place where we take it slow, but they don’t know.”

And in the new issue of Billboard Country Update, Aldean reveals how he grew up knowing just how tough a farmer’s life was.

“When I was a kid, my mom worked for the Farmer’s Home Administration. I was around that stuff a lot growing up and realized how hard those guys had it, you know,” Aldean said of the song written by Kurt Allison, Jaron Boyer and Josh Mirenda.

“It’s just hard to make a dollar growing crops, so it was just something that I always had a lot of respect for. Those are some of the hardest-working people in the country, and they don’t get a lot of attention for the things they do.”

According to Billboard, when he was young, Aldean’s mom took him to his cousin’s farm to pick vegetables that she’d serve at home or freeze for later.

“People in the big city go to the grocery store. I guess they assume that all those vegetables and stuff they eat just magically appears in the produce department,” he said.

“But, no, there’s a guy busting his ass to grow all that stuff.”

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