#TBT to the Carrie Underwood Dozen

Twelve Songs for Her 12-Year Idol-versary

Twelve years ago, on the 25th day of May, Carrie Underwood won American Idol. Almost overnight, she went from reality show champ to a bona fide country music superstar.

Ray Mickshaw/WireImage

I remember the day her debut album Some Hearts came out like it was yesterday and wanting nothing more than to drive somewhere so I could listen to it with zero distractions. And I felt the same way when her next four albums came out, and I am guessing the same thing will happen with her future albums as well.

Since her Idol win, Underwood has released 25 singles, and most of those have gone on to be No. 1 hits. So it would be easy to pick a dozen songs from that list and call them her 12 greatest hits from the past 12 years.

But here’s something I’ve learned in the past 12 years: Underwood is pretty good at recording deep cuts, too. She knows how to choose songs that may never end up on the radio but will always end up on the playlists of her fans.

Like these 12:

1. “We’re Young and Beautiful”

2. “I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore”

3. “The More Boys I Meet”

4. “Flat on the Floor”

5. “I Know You Won’t”

6. “Quitter”

7. “Songs Like This”

8. “Leave Love Alone”

9. “One Way Ticket”

10. “Wine After Whiskey”

11. “The Girl You Think I Am”

12. “Choctaw County Affair”