Thomas Rhett Shares Plans for Mushy Album

His Fourth Record Will be One for the Kids

Thomas Rhett is not going to make an all-Willa album. But he did recently admit that the last 20 song titles he came up with were all about his 18-month-old daughter.

“I feel like the whole next record is going to be a pretty mushy one about my kids,” Rhett told told Lousiana’s Advocate (He was quick to clarify that his forthcoming record due out later this year was written before bringing Willa home, so that one will only have a couple songs that allude to how drastically life can change).

“But on the fourth record, for sure, there’s going to be a lot about my children.

“How can you not write about people that you’re with every day and that make you laugh and make you want to just go outside and take a deep breath for a minute,” he said.

He also knows that having Willa and another new baby at home is going to change the way he tours, or at least, how bad he feels when he leaves to play on the road. So he is gathering advice from his artist friends who’ve been there before.

“I texted Jason Aldean the other day and said, ’How do you ever leave the house and not feel guilty?’ He said that feeling never really goes away, but that when you leave the house now, you get on the bus for a different purpose,” he recalled of the conversation.

“’Before you had kids, it was all about going out there and trying to win at awards shows and sell as many tickets as possible and trying to have multi-week No. 1 (singles). After you have kids, you still want those things. But at the forefront of your brain is, ’How can I give my child the best life humanly possible?'”

Aldean told Rhett that that’s what helps him get on the bus on the weekends.

And the new father revealed, “That’s the best piece of advice I’ve gotten so far.”

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