Steve Earle Searches for a Good Heart in “Lookin’ for a Woman”

New Album So You Wannabe an Outlaw Is an Homage to Outlaw Country

In his new song, Steve Earle is looking for a woman and not just any woman — a good one, who won’t treat him mean, break his heart, and leave him lonely and restless and itching to rebel.

This is the stuff outlaw country is made of right here, and if anyone can tell you a thing or two about outlaws — it’s Earle.

He is behind timeless albums like Guitar Town, Copperhead Road, Train a Comin’ and Transcendental Blues has captivated music enthusiasts across all genres with his blend of country, folk, rockabilly and blues.

But on his forthcoming album with the Dukes, So You Wannabe an Outlaw, he says on his website that he’s, “unapologetically out to ’channel’ Waylon [Jennings].”

The collection is Earle’s tribute to outlaw country inspired by Jennings with some acoustic folk arrangements, country twangers and barn-burners. Among the songs is a duet written and performed with Miranda Lambert and a farewell tribute to the late Guy Clark.

The lead track, “Lookin’ For A Woman,” was written by Earle for the television hit Nashville at the request of his pal, Americana mainstay Buddy Miller. The song didn’t get used, but landed on Earle’s project.

And this video for the song puts it all into motion.

Part performance and part story, the video follows Earle and his band from a live show at the historic Continental Club in Austin to the streets of New York, a city Earle has called home for the last decade.

So You Wannabe An Outlaw
arrives June 16.

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