Sam Hunt Is a Good Judge of Character

Tour Openers "Love What They Do"

Isn’t the job of a concert’s opening act really just to warm up the crowd for the headliner?

Not if you ask Sam Hunt.

When his new tour kicks off in Cleveland, Ohio tonight (June 1), Hunt will take the stage after Ryan Follese, Chris Janson and Maren Morris. And those are the artists that he handpicked because of so much more than their ability to play a few songs for Hunt’s fans.

“These are people who I just was drawn to,” Hunt said in a recent radio interview.

“They seemed like they loved what they do, they care about what they do, they’re passionate and talented, and there’s an integrity to them as people and their music,” he said.

Hunt may not know his tour squad all that well yet, but he says he recognized those qualities in them very quickly. And that’s what sold him.

“I think folks that come out to the shows are gonna pick up on it and I think that they’re gonna realize that none of us are the type of
people who are just doing this for the wrong reasons,” he said, “and hopefully people can appreciate that.”

As for Follese’s, Janson’s and Morris’ music, Hunt thinks that’s all good, too.

“Their music’s great. You know, they’re really doing cool things,” he said.

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