Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 12

Love, Laughs and Lots of Music

Last night (June 1), Nashville returned to the CMT airwaves, and it was everything we dreamed it would be.

Ten weeks have passed in the show since we last saw Deacon, Juliette and the rest of the crew, and while they are all still feeling the loss of Rayna, they are doing their best to move forward and honor her memory.

Let’s count up the big moments from the new episode:

  1. Deacon’s Highway

    Deacon has now stepped in as the head of Highway 65, and it’s no easy feat. At least he knows Rayna is always with him in spirit.

  2. Juliette’s Reviews

    Juliette’s gospel album wasn’t exactly as well received as she hoped… Where does she go from here?

  3. The Exes’ Performance

    We just love seeing these two up on stage. They always kill it!

  4. Zach’s Dancing

    We definitely understand what Will sees in Zach, we find his nerdiness majorly charming.

  5. Juliette’s Guidance

    Juliette has taken Maddie under her wing, and she’s just not feeling Maddie’s current single.

  6. Deacon’s Wisdom

    Daphne is definitely going through a hard time, and while Deacon knows there’s nothing he can say, we know he’s trying.

  7. Juliette’s Idea

    Juliette knows how to make a song a hit! We have to admit, her version of “Saved” is pretty catchy.

  8. Daphne’s New Friend

    We don’t know much about Daphne’s new friend Liv, but it’s great to see her smile again.

  9. Will’s Show

    The only thing we loved as much as seeing Will crush his set was seeing everyone who loves him in the crowd supporting him.

  10. Scarlett’s Baby

    This wasn’t the news Gunnar was hoping for, but he handled it as well as he could have.

  11. Avery’s Advice

    Avery always knows exactly what to say.

  12. Zach’s Shirt

    But really, where can we get that shirt?

  13. Maddie’s Song

    We love that Maddie took Juliette’s advice. We think this song is going to be a hit!

  14. Gunnar’s Confession

    We don’t know what the future holds for Scarlett and Gunnar, but this episode definitely gave us hope.

  15. Family’s Love

    We have so much love for this family, and we know that if they stick together, they will be okay.

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