#NashvilleCMT Recap [SPOILER ALERT]

No Archaic Protocols at Highway 65 Records

Ever since Rayna died, it feels like nothing is the same in Nashville on Nashville.

And if Zach has his way, that’s exactly how it will stay. On Thursday night’s (June 8) episode, he made it very clear to Deacon and Bucky and even Maddie that things around Highway 65 Records are going to change. As the label’s financial messiah, he is the one in charge of what happens next — and what doesn’t.

So when it came time to discuss the release of Maddie’s first single, Zach demanded that they take a fresh approach to it, with no archaic protocols.

“No press, no announcements, no begging some reporter to give us a mention under the fold,” he said.

Bucky, though, thought it deserved a proper rollout. Then again, does Bucky’s opinion even matter? Zach wanted him gone, and once Bucky saw that handwriting on the wall, he told Deacon he was leaving.

“You cannot sacrifice this company, your family, the girls for me. I won’t let you. I’ll be alright,” the music industry veteran said.

Things changed for Juliette, too, and she was having none of it.

She tried to get a pill to make her out-of-body experiences go away, but the doctor told her there was no such pill for her disassociative state. “My brain can’t process failure,” she barked, right before having another attack and then another.

Every time it happened, she’d go back to the happy memory of painting with her dad before her angry, drunk mother stumbles into the trip down memory lane and orders Juliette’s dad to go to the grocery store. Which is, of course, when he died. Ultimately, he came back to life in her memories and told her, “You’ll always be my jewel.”

With all that going on in her head, Juliette decided to go it alone at her big show, instead of having her gospel choir friends join her as previously planned. She blamed her label and kind of threw them under the bus when she had to tell Hallie. But once Hallie figured out Juliette’s lies, she told her exactly what she thought.

“You selfish, narcissistic bitch. I knew it was your call all along,” Hallie said, which forced a lame apology out of Juliette. She claimed she was afraid, she was a bad decision-maker and that the world is tough. Boo hoo, right? Hallie was having none of it, but she eventually acquiesced and agreed to let her choir back Juliette at her Music City’s Music Week concert. And that gave Juliette the emotional strength to climb that ladder to make her entrance to the church-like stage complete with stained-glass windows.

Daphne probably should have been at that show — she could have used a little religion — but she went instead to hang out with Liv, her homeless pal. When Liv sustained an injury during a robbery gone bad, Daphne insisted that she come home with her the take care of the wound.

Liv opened up to Daphne for real, when she asked her why she was homeless and where were her parents.

“Are you referring to the biological drug addicts that ditched me or the foster drunks that never understood no meant no,” Liv asked her. Which kind of put Daphne in her place, although she does have one dead mother and one dad in jail, so it’s not like she’s immune to dysfunction.

When Deacon found Liv in Daphne’s room, he reluctantly agreed that she could stay. “You can stay, until we figure something out,” Deacon tells her. It was all very Blind Side.

Scarlett was feeling compassionate, too. Or maybe her pregnancy hormones have just been kicking in. She agreed to meet Damien for a drink. Right when she got there, she blurted out her baby news. After ordering a double Grey Goose straight up, Damien asked her what they should do next.

“Let’s do this the right way,” he said.

Which could mean that Gunnar as the step-bandmate daddy might not exactly work.