Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 13

Everything That Happened Onstage and Behind the Curtain

The latest episode of Nashville was all about the music. Juliette, Avery and the Exes took the stage at the Music City Music Festival and sang their hearts out, despite a considerable amount of personal drama occurring backstage and beneath the lyrics.

Let’s count up the big moments from the new episode:

  1. Juliette’s Foggy Episodes

    Ever since her album flopped, Juliette has been experiencing what she calls “foggy episodes.” Her doctor thinks it could have something to do with her past, but she’s insistent it’s related to the album’s failure.

  2. Zach’s Plan

    Zach wants to launch Maddie’s new single “Saved” at midnight as a surprise to fans, while Deacon and Bucky thinks they should stick to a more traditional roll out. But Zach has all the money …

  3. Juliette’s Lie

    Convinced she needs to ditch the gospel choir and return to her pop-country roots, Juliette lied to Hallie and said the new plan was the label’s idea. And she’s a pretty good liar.

  4. Avery’s Big Break

    We loved seeing Avery back up onstage! His killer performance earned him an opening slot on a tour, but that would mean leaving Juliette behind in her time of need.

  5. Daphne’s New Roommate

    Concerned with Liv’s safety after she injures her arm, Daphne decided to take her in. But something tells us Deacon won’t be as wild about the idea.

  6. Damien’s Reaction

    Scarlett was pretty blunt with Damien about him being the father of her baby, and he did not take it well.

  7. Hallie’s Realization

    The old Juliette is back, and Hallie is not having it.

  8. Juliette’s Apology

    But unlike the old Juliette, the new one knows when she’s done something wrong and when she needs to make it right.

  9. Avery’s Decision

    Avery cares about his music and his career, but he cares about Juliette more.

  10. Hallie’s Forgiveness

    We’ll admit it, we got a little teary when Hallie and the choir showed up for Juliette after her heartfelt apology.

  11. Bucky’s Goodbye

    Unwilling to put Deacon in a hard place or risk hindering Highway 65’s success, Bucky removed himself from the equation. We’re so sad to see him go.

  12. Juliette’s Comeback

    With the choir at her side, Juliette finally returned to where she belongs: center stage.

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