Meet 2033’s Hottest Country Trio

Babies Hubbard, Akins and Aldean

When Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany posted a photo recently of three country baby bumps — hers, Hayley Hubbard’s and Lauren Akins’ — she hinted that maybe these little ones might start a band some day.

Future band mates in these bellies! ???

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All three babies are due this year, and so they’d probably be able to collaborate by about 2033, when they all turn 16. And with all of their musical genes, I’m assuming they’ll all be able to sing, play guitar and even write songs. Hubbard is married to Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, and Akins is married to Thomas Rhett.

Even if the three kids don’t actually form a country band years from now, they’re bound to all be friends and do a lot of their growing up on the road.

Akins is expecting a girl, and both Aldean and Hubbard are expecting boys.

Akins, who is due first, in August, recently posted a video on Instagram of her first baby Willa Gray, warning followers that there’s no end in sight for her constant stream of cute posts.

And Hubbard, who is due in December, posted when she and Tyler found out they were having a son. “We’ve never been this excited in our lives!!!!!! IT’S A BOY. I can’t even wait to have a little Tyler running around,” she wrote.

She also posted the baby bump trio photo, as well

These babies have no idea how much fun is about to come their way! Thrilled to be a mama-to-be alongside these 2 beauties!

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