LANco and the “Greatest Love Story”

Band Offers Cinematic and Nostalgic Video for Latest Single

It’s still regarded as a many-splendored thing, but in today’s world, love is often a pretty complicated matter. That’s why LANco is taking the modern love song back to simpler times with the real and heartwarming “Greatest Love Story.”

The nostalgic single chronicles the story of two kids falling in love and weathering the seasons of change in their lives before coming back together again for good. It’s the kind of love story from days gone by, the one you learned about from your grandparents and their generation, when times where simpler and so was love. It’s the love story we all still want to believe in. spoke with lead singer Brandon Lancaster about why this particular song and the new video are so special to him.

“It’s a little deeper than being in a bar on a Friday night — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Who’s to say you can’t find love anywhere?” Lancaster said.

But it seems the rarity nowadays is the childhood love story. This is the one heard less often, the one that begs to be beautifully preserved in song. This story is specific, but the message is simply that finding true love rarely happens quickly.

“Love is a journey,” Lancaster said confidently. “It’s not this momentary thing. This song is taking you through a journey. That’s what love actually is, and if you’re going to have a love song, it’s cool to have one that isn’t as momentary and talks about people changing and having distance between each other and being confident and then not being confident.

“And as a songwriter, those are the things you should be able to talk about, because that is real life. In this specific song, it’s narrated through two people who find each other really young, but the most interesting thing is that they’re two people going through different phases of life. But they still end up finding love with each other. That’s why this video is special to me. It’s a real story.”

The new video is the perfect visualization of the story you can’t help but see in your mind as you listen to the song. It’s positively cinematic. Lancaster and his bandmates were very hands-on in developing the treatment with director Justin Key.

“We wanted it to have a timeless element to it and narrate the story well,” Lancaster said.

So they took it back to a time where this kind of story would be the norm.

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