Last Weekend’s Greatest Hits

The Best Tweets You Might Have Missed

Summer is almost officially here, and that means country stars are busier than ever with touring, touring and more touring. But thanks to social media, we can get a glimpse into the other things they’re doing.

Last weekend, it was things like this: Sam Hunt went paintballing, Kelsea Ballerini questioned her chicken nugget intake, Dierks Bentley received a bundle of joy at a show, Lady Antebellum ate up a Heart Break cookie cake, Miranda Lambert took memory lane up to the Nashville Star house.

And Carrie Underwood went down that lane, too, to her wedding day, Brett Eldredge gave Edgar a hip-hop makeover, Justin Moore was missing South Moore, Tim McGraw got his hands on a golf trophy, and Jason Aldean started his unborn’s son’s football gear collection.

15 in a 30. Pittsburgh paintball

A post shared by Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic) on
Dierks Bentley: “When you are walking thru the crowd and someone hands you a maybe 2 week old baby. Sooooooo good tonight Tampa. Big deal for me and my guys and girls to sell this place out. Your love of country music was felt all night. See you on the#WhatTheHellvideo!”
Carrie Underwood: “#HappyFathersDayto this handsome guy! I am so thankful to have him as a father! He is one of the very few people in my life that treats me the same now as he did before my world got crazy! I am his daughter and so much like him in so many ways…I hope I make him proud! “I wanna be the girl you think I am…” ❤️ you, Daddy!”
Justin Moore: “Missin my bud #SouthMoore”
Jason Aldean: “Fathers day gift today from@brittanyaldean. Lil Man is all set with his@georgiafootballgear and his first pair of J’s.”