Lauren Alaina Is “Doin’ Fine” Enough

"Thanks for Asking," She Sings

Where do you go after you’ve reached the top of the charts? For Lauren Alaina, you start the climb all over again.

After her first No. 1 song, “Road Less Traveled,” Alaina was quick to build on that momentum and release another great tune called “Doin’ Fine.”

“I feel like ’Road Less Traveled’ was a baby step in the direction of telling people who I am. ’Doin’ Fine’ opens that door wide,” Alaina told Billboard Country Update.

When she was writing the new song with Emily Shackleton and busbee, she said, she’d been watching her family life kind of unravel. Divorce, rehab and more.

“It’s all you think about. That divorce and my dad’s recovery, that was what my life was at the time,” she said.

But she poured her feelings out on paper, and a song was born.

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