Is Faith Hill the Soul2Soul Boss?

Why She Made Tim McGraw Include One of His Biggest Hits

The reviews are in, and there’s no denying that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill still have all the same onstage chemistry during their current Soul 2 Soul World Tour that they had on their last tour a decade ago.

And while Hill told Entertainment Weekly they had to step up their game in a big way for this new tour, it also sounds like she had some strong feelings about keeping part of the set list as is.

So when McGraw considered cutting his 2004 hit “Live Like You Were Dying” from the show, she said wouldn’t stand for that.

“I would’ve packed my bags and left if he’d done that,” Hill said. “That song has spoken to a lot of people.”

McGraw knows that he’ll never please every fan every night — “You’re never going to get to do every song that every person wants” — but that he and Hill try to create a mix of classic songs and some new ones, such as “Break First,” which will be on their upcoming duets album.

“Any artist will tell you that when they get out and play new stuff, there’s a freshness to it,” McGraw said. “And when the audience hasn’t heard it, but they act like they have … that’s a good feeling.”

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