Miranda Lambert: How Her Songs Are Like Dogs

And Some Thoughts on Vuitton and Audioslave

If you want Miranda Lambert to open up in an interview — like really, really open up — just pour some puppies on her.

In a new video interview with Buzzfeed, Lambert was covered in little rescue dogs, and she talked about everything from vodka to Audioslave.

First, the vodka.

“My favorite mixed drink is Tito’s vodka and La Croix,” Lambert said, which sounds much different from her old favorite, the Sprite and Bacardi Randarita.

Then she said people might be shocked to see some hard rock music on her phone.

“I am a huge Audioslave fan, so I’d say that’s pretty different than the rest of the stuff on my iPod — old school,” she said.

When the talk turned to her own music, she was reluctant to call any one song or album her favorite.

“I don’t have a favorite song or album because they’re all my babies. They’re like my dogs,” she said. “But I really enjoyed the process of this last record called The Weight of These Wings because I took my time on it and spent over a year writing for it, and I sort of got to explore my songwriting in a different way than I ever have before.”

And then when she talked about dogs — her own and the rescue ones she is so passionate about — Lambert admitted they aren’t always perfect.

“My dogs have chewed a lot of interesting things. The only Louis Vuitton purse I ever owned was given to me, and it lost its handles really quickly,” she said.

But she was quick to add that she is still passionate about rescue dogs and mutts.

“If you are not a dog lover yet, you should become one,” she said. “And I would say adopt, don’t shop — love a shelter pet.”

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