Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 15

The Wave of Change Has Arrived

The new episode of Nashville, titled “A Change Would Do You Good,” stuck to its name and brought some big changes for several of our friends.

Let’s check out the big moments:

  1. Hallie’s Bluebird Debut

    Her voice is just amazing.

  2. Bucky’s Advice

    It may not have been what Maddie wanted to hear, but Bucky knew exactly what to say to get through to her.

  3. Juliette’s New Hit

    Water Rising” is the perfect song to launch Juliette’s comeback, but what will Maddie say if she ever finds out it was meant for her?

  4. Highway 65’s New Employee

    Alyssa Greene may not know anything about country music, but she knows how to shake things up in the business world.

  5. Deacon’s Toast

    Admit it, we all shed a tear when Deacon said that artists like Hallie are the reason his Rayna started Highway 65.

  6. Hallie’s Recording Session

    We understood Hallie’s hesitation to record without her band, but Avery always makes magic in the studio.

  7. Clay and Maddie’s Goodbye

    Goodbyes are always so hard. We’ll miss you, Clay.

  8. Zach’s Offer

    Partnering with Budweiser could be huge for Will’s career!

  9. Maddie’s Apology

    Maddie and Daphne singing “Love Until It Hurts” was the perfect song for that moment.

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