Dierks Bentley Kicks His iPhone Habit

"What an Addictive Little Device It Is"

Good luck, Dierks Bentley.

He opened up on Instagram on Monday (June 26), telling his fans and followers that he was going phone-free.

And he asked for everyone’s well wishes.

His caption accompanied a photo of all the tools he will need to replace his smart phone: a typewriter, a recorder, a camera, a metronome, an actual notebook and Bob Hoover’s autobiography Forever Flying.

Bentley didn’t say if the break from his phone would mean a break from social media, but he hasn’t posted anything since so that may be the case.

“Amazing how much you can do with the iPhone but equally amazing what an addictive little device it is,” he wrote. “It sometimes feels like the never ending blitzkrieg of news, info, etc is sucking any intelligent thought out of my brain … and there isn’t too much in there to begin with.

“Thinking the typewriter might be a little over the top,” he joked at the end of his post.

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