Dear Tyler Farr:

Wise Words on Hangovers and Hunting

I’ve always found country music to be kind of therapeutic. Like it holds all the answers to so many of my questions.

So I guess it makes sense that Tyler Farr has become a sort of advice columnist, in this new Dear Tyler video from Vevo.

Farr says he’s there to provide help, answers and advice, and he starts with a fan’s question about fighting hangovers after the age of 30.

“Don’t beat yourself up. Hangovers happen. They’re a real thing,” Farr says. “Unfortunately, when you hit the age of 25, they hurt a little worse. And you sometimes feel like you have a case of the hatchet head.”

He recommends any kind of sparkling water and some Pedialyte to hydrate yourself back to normal.

Dear Tyler by Tyler Farr on VEVO.

The next question was from a guy who was hunting while drinking — never a good idea — and accidentally shot out a tire on his friend’s truck.

“Buy him a new tire. And a new spinner rim. Confess your sins of your crappy shooting,” Farr advises.

Then there was a fan whose father wanted him to pursue baseball even though he wanted to pursue music. Farr gave him an idea for letting his dad down easy.

“Go to dad and say, ‘Hey, Dad, my girlfriend’s pregnant and we’re having twins.’ He’ll go, ‘Holy crap.’ You say, ‘I’m just joking. I just wanna be a singer.’ So you throw him off this way, then counteract him that way,” he says.

“You’re gonna piss a lot of people off, but if you’re happy with yourself, then none of that matters. Do what you wanna do,” the “I Should Go to Church Sometime” singer said.

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