Scotty McCreery Begs for “Five More Minutes” in Heartfelt Video

North Carolina Native Pays Tribute to His Grandfathers

Oh, you need to grab tissues before watching Scotty McCreery’s new video for “Five More Minutes.”

The North Carolina native has never been shy about the importance of his family and the place they hold on his list of priorities — the top spot.

In a beautifully moving tribute to them, Scotty has put his feelings into song with “Five More Minutes,” a ballad about treasuring all life’s moments and the people in it and how letting go of them truly is the hardest part.

The heart-melting video is dedicated to McCreery’s grandfathers and is full of home videos and photos of McCreery and his family over the years. From the early days when he was just a toddler to the Christmas when he got a guitar, you can see firsthand the overwhelming amount of love they all have for each other and the tremendous influence they’ve had on McCreery’s life.

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