When Luke Bryan Borrows Your Phone

Texting With a Fan's Friends at Concert

You know when you’re scrolling through someone else’s text messages — when you finally look up from the phone, an hour has gone by? Me neither.

But that’s kind of what happened at a Luke Bryan show on Sunday night (June 25), when he borrowed a fan’s phone to look up lyrics to one of his new tunes.

When text messages started popping up on the screen, Bryan couldn’t resist. So he started reading Erin’s texts, then started reading them aloud to the crowd, then started responding to the texts on her behalf.

It was during Bryan’s song “Like You Say You Do.” It’s so new that he didn’t really have the lyrics memorized, so he asked Erin if he could borrow her phone to look up the words. That’s when the texts started rolling in.

“Do you want a drink?” one of Erin’s friends asked.

“Chill your broke ass out” was Bryan’s reply.

After the friend responded with a string of emojis, Bryan determined that all was well.

“He cool, we good,” he said, adding, “Hold on, let me get back to Safari. Can I go through your photos, too? No, I’m just playin’.”

Erin was quick to tweet a video of the whole encounter.

Before the show, when she had no idea what was about to go down, Erin had just been happy about getting a wristband for the pit at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland.

“If you think Disney is the happiest place on earth,” she wrote with a picture of the wristband, “you are mistaken.”