#NashvilleCMT Recap (Spoiler Alert)

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

I think Rayna’s family has finally reached the fifth stage of grief: acceptance.

Because while Deacon, Maddie and Daphne were just trying to get on with their lives, they kind of needed to break down first. That was the theme of Thursday night’s (June 29) episode of CMT’s Nashville.

For Deacon, it was just the sense of loneliness that comes from raising two teenagers on his own. But for those two teenagers, Maddie and Daphne, it was a deep and mournful despair. One that started with the revelation of the GIF.

It had been a pretty good day for Maddie, after Bucky told her he was going to plan a tour and Lauren Alaina told her she’d already downloaded her single. But when she went home to share her good news with her little sister, she opened Daphne’s laptop only to find that it was her own flesh and blood who had created the life-altering, now-viral GIF of her police altercation. Daphne’s homeless pal Liv took the blame, and while Daphne cried her eyes out, Maddie finally got tough.

“Get out of my house. This is my family and my house. Get out,” Maddie told Liv.

Daphne’s punishment from Deacon was no phone for a month. She thought it was too harsh, but Maddie thought he was letting her off easy. The resulting tension in the James-Claybourne house got to be too much for them all. Maddie drove to a quiet spot and sobbed. Daphne went into her late mother’s closet and cried herself to sleep on the floor. But eventually, the big sister started acting like one. Maddie went to Daphne with an apology/confession.

“I’m sorry, Daphne, for anything I ever did to you. I’m sorry for being mean and selfish. I just miss mom every day, every hour,” she said.

After the big make-up, which shocked the hell out of Deacon, the girls went to talk some sense into Liv and see if they could get her to move back in with them.

Things were not looking too rosy for Scarlett either. While Gunnar was pining for a simple life – “Just you, me and number three” — the news of Scarlett’s pregnancy started getting out. And fans online started coming up with baby names.

“There’s literally like millions of people trying to name our baby,” Scarlett said. “I don’t care what some bored 15-year-old from Nebraska writes about us. I wasn’t ready for it to not just be our business.”

And to make matters worse, during an interview with a reporter who’d had an affair with Damien, Scarlett’s refusal to name her baby daddy seemed a little too suspicious. So the reporter did the math: One video shoot a few months prior, plus some sexual tension on the set, equals the baby bump under Scarlett’s dress. Once the “Trouble in Scunnarville” story hit the virtual newsstands, Gunnar was furious. Mostly because Scarlett just can’t lie, but also because this will make him the joke of Nashville. He will become the guy raising another guy’s baby girl.

Juliette took an emotional rollercoaster ride of her own. All because of what she imagined was an inevitable affair between her husband and her protégé.

Avery and Hallie had been spending time together in the studio making a record, like a producer and artist usually do. But Juliette thought she saw something starting between them. She wasn’t 100 percent wrong, but she blew it way out of proportion. First she complained about the actual music, which label boss Deacon doesn’t love.

“I think with this we lose the authenticity that makes her special. I didn’t sign her to sign the next pop princess,” he said.

But after trying to smooth things over with Hallie, Juliette went home to Avery and blamed Little Miss Perfect for getting whatever she wants. And when she barged into the studio to share her theory with Hallie, she was having none of it.

“This isn’t even about me,” Hallie told Juliette. “You got problems? Lord knows we all do. But you don’t take them out on the people who love you.”