The Grown-Up Hunter Hayes Sound

He Explains Changes in His Voice

Hunter Hayes was 20 when his self-titled debut album was released.

Now he’s 25.

And all that growing up has given Hayes more new songs to write but also a new voice to sing them with.

Hayes told the Washington Post he’s still trying to get used to the changes in his sound, thanks to all those years of live shows, plus some health issues like acid reflux and allergies.

“It’s not the voice I sang my first record with, it’s just not,” he said. “So learning that, embracing that, being OK with that, now I feel like I’ve found my voice.”

(Vocal changes in men — like pitch, volume, timbre or tone — are normal at any age.)

Hayes is also getting comfortable with new ways of getting his music into the hands of his fans.

“It doesn’t all have to be released the same way,” he said. “We’re talking about all different kinds of avenues that I’m super-stoked about. Because songs that would have never seen the light of day before will now have a story and a place to go.”

For example, his latest song “Rescue” that he co-wrote with busbee and Gordie Sampson will not be released to country radio like his past hits were. But he is fine with that, and so is his record label.

“When I come in with a crazy idea, they’re 10 steps ahead of me,” he said.

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