Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Perform for NASA Astronauts in Space

Mission Control in Houston Hosts Special Meet-and-Greet

It was a meet-and-greet that was out of this world.

On Thursday (June 29), Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood performed for astronauts Jack Fischer and Dr. Peggy Whitson who were onboard the International Space Station. Brooks and Yearwood spoke via video conference from NASA’s Mission Control in Houston for a special edition of his Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G.

Fischer is on his first flight mission, and Whitson recently set a new record for most cumulative days spent in orbit.

Over the course of their 15-minute conversation, Fischer revealed “The River” was his favorite song, telling Brooks, “You have so many great songs and so many great messages, but it’s the heart that you put into every performance and the soul you put into all those songs that makes them so impactful.”

It was the first song on the pre-launch playlist he heard in the moments leading up his departure from Kazakhstan on April 20.

Brooks performed the song for Fischer with Yearwood on harmony vocals. Then Yearwood surprised Fischer with an opportunity to speak with his wife and daughter, who were also there for the visit. Before they wrapped, Yearwood offered the astronauts home-cooked versions of their favorite foods when they return to Earth.

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