Girl Talk with Maren Morris

(But Please Don't Ask About Her Bob)

Maren Morris recently told Glamour that when girls come to the meet and greets at her shows, she tries to be a projection of strength.

“I’m not always strong, but I think what my fans have realized is that there’s strength in vulnerability. They don’t have to be ashamed of feeling sad, and (we can talk) about really human things people my age are going through, like dating and how shitty it is, being the aggressor as the woman and not just chasing the guy down or looking pretty for him,” Morris said.

No one, she says, is singing about that in country music right now.

So her hope is that one day soon, there will be a flood of new artists who are unique and authentic, instead of just a carbon copy of someone else’s sound, look, or identity.

And it also seems like Morris is hoping for better things for women in country music. She knows that country radio isn’t playing enough women (“I think it sort of ebbs and flows, but it hit a major downward spiral where they were just not being played at all”) and that country festivals aren’t booking enough women (“I definitely see the gap in opportunities for new female acts to get any sort of stage time with those crowds”).

But even though she is becoming kind of an unofficial spokesperson for girl power, please do not ask her about her new bob haircut.

“I love everything about being a woman, for the most part. And I love beauty — I grew up in a hair salon,” she said. “But when I’ve released an album that went No. 1 and have a Grammy under my belt, and the first thing the interviewer talks about is my short haircut, I feel disassociated because I have accomplished a lot of really crazy things in the last year.

“Radio interviewers only get a very finite amount of time with you, so they immediately jump into a silly question. But you do have to compare it to male artists and if they’re talking to them the same way.”