Luke Combs Life Off the Vine

How Twitter Hook-Up Came Naturally

For a guy who was once a big star on Vine, Luke Combs’ latest Twitter story seems to make the most of his social media savvy.

After a recent show, a fan named Ethan Doby reached out to him on Twitter, and Combs tweeted back, and then that tweet racked up 23,888 retweets and nearly 60,000 likes.

And it all sounds like something straight out millennial romance novel.

Doby had met and connected with a woman at one of Combs’ recent shows, but forgot to get her name and number. So he asked Combs to help him find the woman who was sitting on his shoulders at the show.

“Dear woman on shoulders, if you see this, you’ve captured this man’s heart and he needs to find you. Please slide in his DM’s,” Combs wrote.

Eventually, Doby did find the woman on his shoulders. “I have found her. The search is over,” he wrote to everyone following the country-fueled hook up.

But the fact that Combs made the most of the social media world is no surprise, because right before he moved to Nashville to make his neon dreams a reality, he amassed about 30,000 fans on the video-sharing app Vine.

“I didn’t know any of this stuff was smart,” Combs told the Tennessean. “I was just going with it.”