Nature Brings Out Brad Paisley’s Best

Actor-Comedian Kevin Nealon Asks Him Everything

I don’t know where this Brad Paisley hike happened, but it seems like the most natural place to get a country singer to open up.

During a recent #hikingwithkevin video — hosted by actor-comedian Kevin Nealon — he and Paisley cover all kinds of topics.

Like what Paisley’s perfect day would be like: “A day in Nashville where I get to kind of play around on my farm,” Paisley said.

And if he has to use the hate filter on Twitter: “Typically, Twitter is pretty kind. A lot of my fans on there, they’re pretty good,” he said.

And whether or not he is able to walk around peacefully in Nashville with his white hat cowboy hat on: The hat’s not part of Paisley’s everyday street clothes wardrobe, so he couldn’t really answer that.

And who he performed with recently that felt like a big deal: “Mick Jagger. He’s become a friend. I remember in our days of songwriting together at the house, three days of that, just making him laugh. He’s so sharp. He has such a good sense of humor. When you say something that makes somebody like that laugh,” Paisley started to say before Nealon finished his sentence for him.

Nealon also hiked with Paisley’s wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley. And when the conversation turned briefly to Brad, Nealon quickly told her, “Enough about Brad.”