Cosmopolitan Can’t Get Enough Miranda Lambert

Another Year, Another Cover

It’s barely been a year and a half since Miranda Lambert was on the cover of Cosmopolitan, and now here she is again.

She is the magazine’s August cover girl, and in the video accompanying the story, she takes a classic “Cosmo Quiz.” And that’s where you can learn a few new things about Lambert.

Things like the last thing she googled (her boyfriend Anderson East), her guilty pleasures (Tito’s and Cheetos), what Disney princess she’d be (a combination of Belle and Pocahontas) and the word to best describe her closet (cluttered).

Lambert also elaborates mid-quiz about all the good in her life right now, admitting that to her, love is big. And that she thinks it’s sexy when someone is all kinds of kind.

But the best question in the mix is about what she was like about 23 years ago.

“Ten-year-old Miranda was: awkward, with really big bangs,” Lambert admitted. “And I had two braces on my two front teeth. And I had colored bands. Just two.”