Ruston Kelly Casts a Spell With “Black Magic”

Singer-Songwriter Emerges With Seductive, Cautionary Tale About the Wrong Kind of Love

“Love is hell, and nothing more than black magic,” Ruston Kelly earnestly cautions in his brand new single, the dark and seductive “Black Magic.”

When love is wrong, it definitely casts the wrong kind of spell, the kind Kelly finds himself under in the aptly titled single from his critically acclaimed debut EP Halloween.

“This song is an attempt to understand the devil in the wrong kind of love,” Kelly told American Songwriter magazine. “An absorption into weaker parts of yourself that, by some bewitching force, leave you drained and filled by a blackness. The video was meant to show this blackness. Running and walking within the person who suffers from bad love.”

Brooding and at times even stormy, Kelly’s emotive rasp and lyrical prowess will haunt you — in a good way, of course.

He’s currently on the road with Robert Earl Keen and will join Brandi Carlile in Atlanta on July 23.

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