Miranda Lambert: “Keep Being Badass”

Nine Revelations From Her Cosmopolitan Quiz

Just like every other Cosmo girl out there, Miranda Lambert cannot resist a good quiz.

So when she took the Cosmo quiz for the Cosmopolitan cover story in the August issue, she revealed a lot of new news about herself before signing off with a “Hey, y’all, keep being badass!”

Here’s what I learned about Lambert from the hand-written quiz:

1. Her porch is her favorite part of her house. “It’s magical,” she said.

2. Country singers Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe are the people who make her laugh the hardest.

3. Mark Wahlberg can make her blush.

4. “Be true to you” is the best advice her mother Bev gave her.

5. Her hit “Gunpowder and Lead” never gets old at her live shows.

6. Riding horses, drinking wine and glamping is how she de-stresses.

7. Losers has the best jukebox in Nashville.

8. Sperry’s restaurant in Nashville has the best old-school salad bar.

9. Floating down a river in Texas makes her summer feel complete.

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