Wife Lessons From Sam Hunt

The Newlywed Talks About Talking

When guys are together, they don’t really talk that much. That’s why Sam Hunt said he needed to learn a few things about communicating with his new wife.

Backstage before his Chicago show on Saturday (July 8), Hunt talked with country radio station WEBG about what life’s been like since he and Hannah Lee Fowler were married in April of this year. He said that marriage is what has made his summer top notch, and that his wife has taught him some important things about being a husband.

“I’m learning (lessons) every day,” Hunt said.

“Hanging with guys for three or four years, we don’t talk about anything. And we’re all good. We could go a week without talking,” he said. “But I gotta communicate with my wife.”

Hunt added that he is also learning how to trust the Mrs. when it comes to her instincts for good music.

“I hit her up for insight all the time, from a female perspective. She’s got a really great ear for songs, lyrics, melodies. She’s really helpful,” he said.