What Led Kelsea Ballerini to “Legends”

The Decision to Look Back Fondly

There are really only a couple of ways to look back on a heartbreak. One is to do so with all kinds of remorse and regret, and the other is to look back the way Kelsea Ballerini does. Fondly.

Ballerini told Billboard Country Update that that was what she set out to do with her latest song, “Legends.”

“I was going through a breakup at the time, and I had written a lot of sassy, angry, bitter songs about it — which you will hear on the record. But I really wanted to write a song about choosing to look back on the relationship fondly, which is hard sometimes when you’re out of something and heartbroken.”

The song, she said, has been her first step of letting it all go and moving on.

Since she wrote the song, Ballerini’s former broken heart has been replaced with one that is very much intact. The singer-songwriter is currently happy and in love and engaged to country newcomer Morgan Evans. But if you can see some ambiguity in the lyrics, you can relate to the song no matter where your own heart is.

“No matter if someone is in major love, or is falling out of it, or just has a lot of people around them that they have a good relationship with, they can hear their story in that song,” she said.

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