#NashvilleCMT Recap (Spoiler Alert)

“Being Human Is a Bitch”

I think Juliette’s new choreographer Anton spoke for all of us when he told her, “Being human is a bitch.”

On Thursday night’s (July 13) episode of CMT’s Nashville, Juliette was practicing her big number with her dancers, but she was a little rusty. Anton told her she could just stand there and look pretty, but she still was not convinced.

I mean, sure. She could play the “I-survived-a-plane-crash” card, but that’s not who she is at all. And she is the boss. But Anton tried hard to relate, because he can’t dance like he used to, either.

“Took me a long time to let go of who I thought who I should be and find out who I really was,” he told Juliette.

All Juliette wanted to do after that brutal rehearsal was vent to Avery, but he was off on the Dierks Bentley tour. And even though there’s the code of the road and he could potentially get away with some lovin’ on the side — the bartender Nell was flirting hard with him before and after his show — Avery stayed strong and was there for Juliette when she called him after hours.

He was also there for Deacon with the exact thing to say. When Avery stopped into the Highway 65 office before he left for the tour, Deacon confessed that time is not healing his wounds.

“I’m not sure you can put a timeline on grief,” Avery said. “Listen, Deacon, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. At the end of the day, what’s on these walls, what’s in her closet … it’s just stuff. The life you shared, the music you wrote together … now that’s a different story. Nobody can take that away. That stuff’s eternal.”

With that pep talk on his mind, Deacon went ahead and donated a coat of Rayna’s to a foster charity. And at the benefit later that night, it brought in $50,000. Not that Deacon saw, because he couldn’t handle watching tipsy rich people outbid each other on his late wife’s possessions.

So he stormed outside. And so did the night’s other performer, Jessie. But she had her own reason for leaving the benefit. And his name is Brad. He is her awful ex, who cut her out of their son’s life by convincing the courts that she was an unfit mother. And even though she intruded on Deacon’s solitude, he told her he thought she’d prevail. Then he went back inside and sang Waylon Jennings’ 1975 hit “Dreaming My Dreams With You.”

While Deacon was up on that stage, his daughter Maddie was getting Daphne ready for a show of her own — a party with eighth graders. But as it turned out, the party was an epic fail. The parents weren’t home, and all the kids were drinking and hooking up. Which was super awkward for Daphne and Flynn, who were in the friend zone.

Later that night, she told Maddie that the party was kind of a weird make-out orgy, and then they talked about how she’d know when it was the right time to take her friendship with Flynn to the next level.

“Mom says you just kind of know,” Maddie told Daphne.

It’s too bad Scarlett doesn’t have that kind of woman’s intuition. She just could not pick one man to help her raise her baby. So after the furniture commercial shoot — tagline: “Life is complicated. Putting our furniture together doesn’t have to be” — she and Gunnar went to the grocery store for some milk. But because she’d had a mini breakdown during the shoot, Gunnar kind of puts her on the spot about where he stands in her life.

And that’s when three teenagers approached them. They asked Gunnar to buy them beer. He said no, they had words, and then one of the kids pulled a gun. He demanded their wallets, pushed Scarlett to the ground and then held the gun right to Gunnar’s head.

Which will probably be what finally makes Scarlett realize how much he means to her.

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