Thomas Rhett’s Wife Calls Him the “Best Baby Daddy”

He Calls Pregnant Wife Lauren a “Smoke Show”

Following Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren on Instagram makes me feel like I’m somehow part of their family.

A good example is when he recently posted a picture of Lauren in a bikini and wrote, “Can’t believe we will have a newborn not too long from now, 36 weeks pregnant and 100% smoke show.”

Inspired by that, I had to see if she was posting the same kinds of pictures. So I rushed over to her Instagram page. She had some from their beach vacation, a bunch of pictures of their daughter Willa Gray and some from the Fourth of July.

But then on Thursday (July 13), she posted the best photo yet. It’s one of just her and her husband.

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“This pic makes me so happy because we haven’t done personal photos since our wedding almost 5 years ago,” she wrote in the caption, “and I just realllyyyyy do like him a lot & we’re not a dressed up on a red carpet with a bunch of fancy clothes and make up-just me and him on the farm in our happy place…yes @thedryhousenashvilledid my hair (I mean clearly) but other than that, this is us in our real life and I looooovveee it (although maybe next time we do personal photos I’d like to not be 40 lbs over my normal weight hahah) I love you honey! Best baby daddy a girl could ever dream of.”