Truly Blessed With Trulee Brice

Lee Brice Talks Girl and “Boy”

Lee Brice’s latest single “Boy” is one he calls a special, special song.

“It’s one of those songs I wish I’d written,” Brice told me before he took the stage at Chicago’s Windy City Smokeout on July 16. “It’ll be around forever, I think. When I sing it onstage, I bring out my phone and pull up a picture of my boys. And then fans will hold up their pictures of their sons, or they’ll throw their sons up on their shoulders.”

But while fans have been reveling in his “Boy,” Brice has been reveling in his girl.

His daughter Trulee Brice was born on June 2, shortly after “Boy” was released. And so far, so good. Trulee was welcomed home by Brice and his wife Sara, and her two big brothers Takoda and Ryker.

Brice told me that Trulee is mild mannered, like his oldest son Takoda. Ryker, who is three years old, is the one Brice called “three handfuls” and his nickname at home is the Bull.

The Brice’s plan is to raise Trulee the same way they are raising the boys.

“I don’t think I’m gonna raise her any different, as far as what we do and what I want to teach her,” he said. “I want to teach her values and hard work and discipline. And I hope I can teach all three kids the things that I didn’t learn until later in life. I want Trulee to trust me and to come to me with anything. I want to raise her tough, too. I want her to grow up on the farm, huntin’ and shootin’ and fightin’

“But I’m gonna be more protective of her, when boys start coming around.”

Trulee’s name came from Sara’s wish for one ending in l-e-e, so that it would connect the baby to her father.

“We were down to three names like that, then she was born and we still couldn’t choose. We were in the hospital sitting on the three names, for three days. And the nurses came in asking us for her name, and we had to tell them we still don’t know,” he said. But once they settled on Trulee, Brice said it fit his baby girl perfectly.

When Brice’s next album comes out in November, there’s one song he said he thinks of as Trulee’s song. “It’s called ’The Best Part of Me,'” he said, explaining that he is the kind of songwriter who writes what he knows.

“Ever since I’ve had kids, my songwriting has been about that. This is where I’m living right now. I’m living in this world, with young kids and new babies,” he said. “When you’re in that world, that’s what you write about. When you’re trying to write a record, you have to be true to what’s going on in the moment, and be honest and be transparent with your music.”