Blake Shelton Is Blake Buck in “Doing It to Country Songs”

Shelton and the Oak Ridge Boys Go Wild in New Animated Video

Blake Shelton and the Oak Ridge Boys‘ suggestive “Doing It to Country Songs” gets a family-friendly spin in a new animated video for their hit collaboration.

Set in a honky-tonk on the shores of Lake Shelton, the clip has the Oklahoma singer reimagined as the six-pointed “Blake Buck” as he gets ready for a show with the Oaks’ Duane Allen (wolf), Joe Bonsall (beaver), William Lee Golden (possum) and Richard Sterban (frog).

Running on country radio and strong coffee, Buck and the furry band take the stage and deliver a night live country music for all their woodland friends.

Backstage at the recent Penn State’s Happy Valley Jam, Shelton told CMT Hot 20 Countdown he had been waiting his entire career for an opportunity to record with the Oak Ridge Boys.

“It’s crazy so I’ve been doing this now as far as touring and stuff since 2001,” Shelton said. “And very rarely maybe once in the last 16 years have I crossed paths with the Oak Ridge Boys. I heard this song and I instantly thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if the stars would align and if I could get those guys into the studio and record that song with me?’ And they did it.”

The first time they performed the song together on live TV was at the 2016 CMT Music Awards.

“This year, we’ve probably performed that song nine or 10 times live at places like festivals all over the country when we’re [playing] the same days,” Shelton added. “We’ve been having a blast doin’ it to country songs.”