#NashvilleCMT Recap (Spoiler Alert)

Must Nice Girls Always Finish Last?

You always want to believe that karma will eventually come for the mean girls. But after Thursday night’s (July 20) episode of Nashville, it’s almost like the nice girls just cannot get a break.

Like Maddie. All she was trying to do was perform at the Wildhorse Saloon to promote her new music. But after a quick meeting at the record label, Juliette started acting weird right around the time that Zach suggested that she and Maddie sing together. Because — oh, yeah — she stole that new song right out from under Maddie.

So Juliette hatched a plan to make sure Maddie and the song’s writer Travis stay far apart and never the twain shall meet. And she made sure she and Maddie stayed far apart during their duet at the Wildhorse, and then the next night, Juliette even went so far as to get Travis tickets to a Ryman show so that he wouldn’t be able to come to her single release party where Maddie would be hanging out.

Oh, but he did.

And they might have never met, but Travis and Maddie were both leaving the party at the same time. He said he forgave her for passing on the song, and instantly, she figured everything out. Maddie immediately barged back into the party and told Juliette off.

“How could you? I knew something was off, but you convinced me it was all in my head,” Maddie yelled before tossing a perfectly good martini in Juliette’s face.

Juliette eventually went to the Claybourne-James house and tried to explain herself to Maddie, through Daphne. “I knew what I was doing and I did it anyway,” she said. But the damage was done, because Maddie had been too nice for her own good.

Sweet, sweet Scarlett couldn’t really get a break, either. While Gunnar was at the police station trying to identify the punks who mugged him and Scarlett, she was at home, bleeding. After Deacon brought her to the hospital, the doctor gave her the bad news.

“I’m so sorry. Your baby’s heart has stopped beating,” the doctor said of Amelia Rose.

Deacon and Gunnar were both there to comfort her, but Scarlett wanted to go through the stillbirth delivery on her own.

Gunnar went home, had too much to drink, had a nightmare about the mugging, and then drove all over Nashville looking for the punks. And when he finally found the head of the pack, he beat the crap out of him. You’d think Scarlett would be happy that her knight in shining armor was there for her, but it had kind of the opposite effect.

“It feels like I am the only thing that keeps you happy, and then I can’t be what you want me to be. I can’t carry that weight anymore,” she told him.

So when Avery called Gunnar and invited him out on the road with him, he said yes. Because, as he told Scarlett, he has his own stuff to figure out.

All of that Scarlett drama meant that Deacon couldn’t make it to Jessie’s show, and when he gave his friend that news, the news of Scarlett’s baby slipped out, which led to Jessie dropping a gift off for Scarlett, who was essentially a complete stranger.

“I have been through that myself. Twice. It was so hard. And lonely,” Jessie told Scarlett.

They had tea and bonded over their motherhood struggles, but Deacon was not happy to find Jessie there with his niece, which might have been the end of their friendship. But when Deacon and Jessie ran into each other at Scarlett’s women’s shelter fundraiser, they worked it out. Jessie admitted that she blurred the lines between professional and personal. So it seemed like Deacon would not be signing her to Highway 65, which would mean they can get personal since they’re not professional.

By the end of the fundraiser, Scarlett took the stage to talk about why women need shelters and a sisterly camaraderie.

“We’re not alone, and that is why it’s so import to share our stories,” she said. “I had a miscarriage one week ago. So in a way, I am saying this for her.

“I imagined a future for her that was absolutely limitless. The only way we can get there is to strip away the secrecy.”

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