Devin Dawson’s Bubbly “All on Me” Takes a Brooding Turn in New Video

Singer-Songwriter Flips the Script in a Fantastically Ominous Way

Devin Dawson burst onto the scene with his effervescent debut single “All on Me,” an ode to leaning on your love and letting them shoulder the burden when times get hard. So when it came time to create a music video for the rising single, Dawson decided to let his creativity run wild … and into a darker place.

Enter the brand new, high-contrast, black-and-white video for “All on Me,” which boasts a brooding, slightly apocalyptic theme complete with rolling clouds and thunder and lightning — but even in the midst of the impending doom, you can’t get these lovebirds down, which is exactly the visual Dawson wanted.

“It’s like the world’s about to end and it’s just me and the girl,” Dawson told People magazine. “I wanted the visuals to contrast this bouncy summer kind of driving song. It’s playing off of that first line like, ’Hey, I know the woes and the weight of the world can get you down, but don’t let it.’ So essentially, it’s like ’Hey, I know it’s the end, and there’s nothing we can do about it, so I’m here for you, come lean on me.”

And he couldn’t have found a more sinister or haunting location than the infamous Tennessee State Prison in Nashville, which is where Tom Hanks’ film The Green Mile was shot.

Positively and delightfully spooky indeed.

Dawson is gearing up to join Tim McGraw and Faith Hill next week for select dates on their Soul 2 Soul Tour.

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