Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 19

You Can't Lose Me

The latest episode of Nashville, titled “You Can’t Lose Me,” was quite the emotional roller coaster. At times, it was heartbreaking, and other times, vindicating.

Let’s check out the big moments:

  1. Deacon teases Daphne.

    519 02
    Deacon embarrasses Daphne when he asks her if Flynn is her boyfriend. Gotta love the father-daughter moments.
  2. Deacon rushes to Scarlett’s side.

    519 15
    Amidst his own grieving, Deacon stands strong for Scarlett when she finds blood in her bed.
  3. Scarlett finds out her baby’s heart stopped beating.

    519 21
    This heartbreaking moment was one of the most emotional moments of the season.
  4. Juliette and Maddie’s “Water Rising” duet.

    When Juliette came out on stage it was amazing to hear her voice but also super awkward watching her give the stink eye.
  5. Jessie drops off a care package for Scarlett.

    519 46
    Jessie shares her own story about losing a child, and Scarlett finally smiles when they bond over their experiences.
  6. Gunnar tracks down the assailant.

    gunnar_beats Up
    After roaming the streets of Nashville, Gunnar finds the punk who assaulted him and Scarlett and beats him up.
  7. Maddie confronts Juliette.

    Sparks and cocktails flew when Maddie finds out Juliette stole her song. You go, girl!
  8. Scarlett and Gunnar take a break.

    519 56
    With so much going on, Scarlett thinks it’s best to take a break from Gunnar.
  9. Avery invites Gunnar on tour.

    519 57
  10. Juliette apologizes for stealing Maddie’s song.

    519 63
    Maddie refuses to see Juliette, so Daphne takes a message as Juliette apologizes.
  11. Scarlett performs “Forever.”

    519 73
    Get the song here.

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