Jason Aldean on Raising a Boy

And How He Gets a Shot of Adrenaline

I’ve always loved how open and honest Jason Aldean is during interviews. He is very willing to talk about anything.

But at last weekend’s Country Thunder concert in Wisconsin, there was one question he wouldn’t answer for Chicago’s WEBG. Aldean revealed that he and his wife Brittany already have a name picked out for their son — due later this year — but he is keeping it under wraps until he is born.

“Coming soon,” was all Aldean would say about that. But he did talk about what it will be like to have a boy around.

“I have two older daughters, 14 and 10, but this is the first boy on either side of our families,” he said. “I sort of raised (the girls) up to hunt and fish. I basically did all the stuff with them that I would do with a boy. I wanted them to have an appreciation for the outdoors, and he’ll be no different.”

“I’m excited to buy him some cool shoes and boots. I can do all his Christmas shopping at Tractor Supply,” he said with a laugh.

When the talk turned to music, Aldean said there are two things he loves most about his career: playing live and recording.

“Being on stage playing is my favorite part of the whole thing. That’s really why I got into this business,” he said. “And getting in studio and cutting new music is a breath of fresh air, too. It’s just kind of a shot of adrenaline for everybody.”

Aldean said his next album should be finished in a couple weeks.

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