Tim McGraw Says Fans are the Secret Sauce

What Really Lights Things Up on Tour

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have made it to the halfway point of their new Soul2Soul world tour with about 40 shows down and another 40 to go.

And they’ve obviously got this down to a science, because they’ve already sold more than 800,000 tickets. But McGraw explained that it’s not just the two of them making their show such a must-see event. He gives a lot of the credit for that to the fans.

“What makes it all come together, is when you rehearse so much and you wonder if things are going right, if it’s the right set order, if the flow is right, if you got the roller coaster built the way you want the roller coaster built, all those things. When it all comes together,” McGraw explained in a recent radio interview, “what really makes it work, what really lights everything up is when that audience’s energy gets in there.

“When that audience’s energy comes to life, if when you step out on that stage and you see them come to life and you see the appreciation they have for you being there, that makes the whole show work.”

He added, “that’s the secret sauce to make it a successful show.”

McGraw and Hill have tour stops in California, Colorado and Arkansas before landing back home in Nashville for two hometown shows on Aug. 4-5.

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