Kelsea Ballerini: Game for Anything

The Things Balletmania Does for Laughs

A lot of singers might go on The Tonight Show just to sing.

But Kelsea Ballerini was there for so much more this week. She performed her latest single “Legends,” obviously, but also stuck around to play a couple games while she was in Jimmy Fallon’s studio.

Like charades. Fallon was paired with actor Jessica Biel, and Ballerini had actor Matt Bomer in her corner. She failed on “Genie in a Bottle” — “Am I the worst, or was that hard,” she asked — but then Team Ballerini-Bomer won the next round on “Magic Mike,” even though Ballerini’s attempts to act out the moves of a male stripper were anything but erotic.

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Even better, she and Bomer won the bonus round when she guessed “Cry Me a River,” a classic Justin Timberlake song (Watching Timberlake’s wife Biel lose that round was priceless).

Ballerini was also willing to take the show’s internet pop quiz, and answered all the questions with her cheerful candor. So her most used emoji? “The salsa dancer, the upside-down smiley face because it can kind of mean anything, and the poop emoji.” Her most embarrassing screen names: “Balletmania, when I was a dancer, just a mania for the ballet.” The last thing she ordered online? “Does Postmates count? Because Postmates happens pretty much every day.” Her favorite Instagram to follow? “Girlwithnojob because she is funny AF.”

She goes on to talk about the last song she listened to, the most shows she has binge watched, the unexpected celeb in her phone, and her favorite viral video.

Ballerini was even willing to play a round of Camera Roll Roulette for Fallon, where she had to scroll through the pictures on her phone for three seconds and show off the first one she saw. It was one of the Gavin Memes. “This is so me,” she said of the popular meme of a little boy vacuuming up tweets.

Ballerini’s highly anticipated sophomore album Unapologetically arrives Nov. 3.

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