Keith Urban Made Morgan Evans Do It

"All the Sounds I Love at Once"

Now that Australia-raised, Nashville-based Morgan Evans has a song on country radio — “Kiss Somebody” — he is beginning to talk about the journey that brought him all the way over here to make music.

He started at Keith Urban.

Evans saw Urban in concert back in 2004, and that kind of did it for him.

“He was the first artist I’d seen that really started to combine rock, pop and country music,” Evans told Billboard about that show in Australia. “That was the light bulb moment — like, ’Wow, these are all the sounds that I love all at once.'”

After that, Evans was sold on country, and he says the career chose him instead of the other way around. So he started commuting back and forth between Australia and Nashville until he realized he was spending most of his time in Tennessee. That’s when he decided to make the move official.

“The inspiration is huge and something I definitely couldn’t have gotten just by living in Australia. By default, I had to pack up the guitar and my three black T-shirts and get over here,” he said.

Shortly after arriving, he met Kelsea Ballerini. And shortly (OK, nine months) after meeting her, he proposed. They are getting married at the end of 2017. And after that, will there be any competitive spirit between the two?

“It’s funny,” he said. “I was saying to someone the other day that I used to go into songwriting sessions trying to write the best song in the world.

“And now I go in going, ’Jeez, I hope I get the best song in our house.'”

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