How Miranda Lambert Is All of Us

Hot Beer, No Ubers and Miles of Walking

The brand new Billboard cover story on Miranda Lambert is very long, very thorough and very up to date. But it’s her honesty about a stadium show she recently attended that says so much about who she is.

It’s when she was lamenting a recent trip to Louisville, Kentucky, to see U2 and endured all the same struggles fans face when they go to massive concerts like that.

“Stadium shows are hard,” Lambert told Billboard. “I’m like, ’Shit, man. I just walked a million miles, I couldn’t get an Uber, and my beer’s hot,’ but I left there feeling uplifted, exhausted and stimulated all at the same time.

“I grew up singing country music and haven’t gone to many rock shows. I didn’t realize just how powerful four dudes up there on this giant stage could be. I couldn’t even see Bono, but I felt every single word of every song.”

I’m guessing her fans feel the exact same way about some of her biggest shows. On Saturday (July 22), Lambert played for more than 40,000 fans at the Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan, and they probably had hot beers and had to walk for miles, but once she started playing, they likely felt every word of every song.

Even fans in the way, way back.

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