Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 20

Speed Trap Town

The latest episode of Nashville, titled “Speed Trap Town,” Gunnar had a blast from the past, while the Maddie and Juliette feud continued to heat up.

Let’s check out the big moments:

  1. Maddie gets nominated for an American Music Award.

    Gotta love those Nashville family moments!

  2. Gunnar visits his grandma in her nursing home while he’s on the road with Avery.

    Their relationship is a bit strained, although she raised him after his parents died.

  3. Juliette extends an olive branch to Maddie.

    That doesn’t sound very genuine.

  4. Gunnar runs into an old high school crush.

    They decide to meet that evening for a little reminiscing.

  5. Scarlett takes a self-defense class.

    And, it’s off to a rough start.

  6. We meet young Gunnar.

    Following the deaths of his parents, Gunnar’s cranky and not-so-affectionate grandmother was granted custody.

  7. Jessie’s ex proves he’s a piece of work.

    It seems he’s really bad at co-parenting when he doesn’t allow their son to attend a sleepover.

  8. Maddie claps back at Juliette.

    Let the Twitter wars begin!

  9. Delta Rae makes an appearance.

    While Jessie and Deacon are chatting about recording some music, the band was in the same studio with them.

  10. Scarlett finally finds her fire.

    Where has she been our whole lives?

  11. Gunnar finds out his high school crush is married.

    That would have been good for him to know before she asked him to hang.

  12. Gunnar performs “In The End” for his grandma.

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