Sara Evans Regrets Bad Love in “Marquee Sign”

She Provides the Hard Truth About the Wrong Guy No One Could See Coming

Sara Evans is telling the hard truth about love gone wrong. It’s a story we can all relate to.

Her latest single, the infectious “Marquee Sign,” takes us on journey through a relationship that started out on the right road but suddenly takes a dark detour.

Written with Jimmy Robbins and Heather Morgan, the single is raw, emotional and cleverly crafted, leaving no stone unturned as she calls out an ex for the inexcusable behavior that no one could see coming.

She’s so right: Some people really should come with a warning.

“Marquee Sign” is the lead single from Evans’ Words, the first album release her under brand new label, Born to Fly Records. The album boasts songwriting star power including Ashley Monroe, Sonya Isaacs, Brett James and Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott, and Evans co-wrote three of the tracks.

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