Kellie Pickler Answers Fans’ Advice Qs

Dear Kellie...

Kellie Pickler has performed all of the world, seen a lot of things, fallen in love and is the mother of two adorable fur babies. But, is she prepared to answer her fans’ toughest questions about love and life? You bet!

One fan asks the singer, “What if you are feeling doubtful of fulfilling your dream?”

“We all have those moments,” Pickler sympathizes. “Be prepared to be told ’no’ more times than you’re going to be told ’yes.’ Take constructive criticism, and work hard on what you need to improve on. Never stop chasing your dreams.”

Another fan asks, “What’s your advice for when you’re stuck creatively?”

“If you feel stuck, sometimes you got to walk away from it for a minute,” she explains. “Clear your head and then come back to the table and you’ll see it in a different light. Don’t let yourself get too frustrated to where you give up. It’s OK to take a break.”

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